All services listed below are encompassed as being part of the collection process and consistent with the commission percentages depicted in our client agreement.

Pre-Collections—From our popular no-cost pre-collections to our customized pre-collections, MRS has the option to fit your needs.

Collections—Collection activity begins the day the accounts are assigned. Both written and oral communication is made to collect the balance or to setup a monthly payment plan if paying the balance is not an option.

Credit Reporting—MRS allows a 180-day grace period on all collection accounts. Patients can pay their accounts in full within that time frame, thus avoiding a negative credit listing. After the 180 days, all accounts with an outstanding balance are reported to Experian, Equifax and Trans Union.

Bankruptcy Tracking—Understanding the bankruptcy laws can be daunting. Meade Recovery dedicates countless hours and resources to remaining up-to-date on these laws. Filing bankruptcy does not mean the account is uncollectible. Our monitoring system ensures that if and when the applicable bankruptcy is dismissed, collection activity will immediately resume. All proof of claims are completed and filed by agency.

Skip Tracing—Meade Recovery Services, LLC uses the most up-to-date resources available to locate those accounts that have moved and failed to update address with your practice. Accounts are continuously monitored for current addresses and additional contact information.

Legal Remedies—Meade Recovery Services, LLC will do everything in its power to collect the debt in house; however, it is inevitable that a certain percentage of collections are deemed uncollectible without utilizing our legal system to enforce such collection. Meade Recovery has a long-standing relationship with the most reputable Utah attorneys. All out-of-pocket filing fees and court costs are advanced by MRS and reimbursed upon collection. All legal action is first authorized by client on a per-account basis via written authorization form mailed to your practice. Remedies include but not limited to the following:

  • Demand Letter
  • 10 day Summons
  • Complaint
  • Default Judgment
  • Recorded Abstract
  • Garnishment
    • Wage
    • Bank
    • Tax
  • Supplemental Order