Your Return on Collections

Meade Recovery Services offers a wide range of payment options at every stage of the collection process. We realize that times are tough and that falling upon hard times is more common now than ever before. Our payment options are designed to be flexible to meet your patient's financial situation while effectively reducing the debt and putting money back in your pocket where it belongs. In this day and age the excuse that "it's in the mail" is no longer valid. Although we do accept mail payments, we also offer payments over the phone and online, allowing patients real-time approval and transaction confirmation.

Bimonthly payouts are yet another way MRS has set itself above its competitors. All funds collected each day are deposited into our non-interest-accruing trust account and reimbursed to your practice on the 10th and 25th of each month. We are grateful to our clients for their continued patronage and take great pride in the ability to timely collect the assigned accounts providing a return to our clients that most had thought to be uncollectible.

Meade Recovery Services is and always will be 100% commission-based, meaning that your practice has absolutely no out-of-pocket risk. While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to collect 100% of your delinquent accounts we do, however, guarantee that we will not be paid until the account is collected. Having confidence in your collection agency can be an integral aspect to your thriving practice. Collecting the amount owed the day of service can be difficult even from those patients fortunate enough to have insurance. Utilizing all that Meade Recovery Services has to offer will allow your practice to see new and existing patients while having the most up-to-date collection language for your patient agreements. Up-to-date agreements will supply you with the working knowledge of what information is going to provide the best return, should any of the accounts need collection activity.

Meade Recovery Services, LLC believes that the collection process begins in your office. Our collection process not only focuses on the collection of delinquent accounts, but also provides our clients the documentation and information needed to reduce the number of accounts assigned for collection. It ensures that the assigned accounts contain the collection language required, allowing Meade Recovery to collect the most allowed by law in the shortest amount of time possible.